It is completely normal for the hairs on the upper lip to be of a darker color to the rest of the peach fuzz you will have on your face. So, if you are looking for ways to make it less visible or remove it pretty much every woman you know will have considered the same thing. YouTube is the great equalizer, if you log in and type in hair removal etc.. you will see so many beautiful people shaving, waxing, threading, bleaching or using IPL on their faces, believe me we are all the same 🙂

philipslumeaI stumbled across IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) by accident. I buy a lot of tech products from Amazon and a Philips Lumea just popped up in my suggested feed. At the time, I was getting a bit sick of waxing. Waxing hurt, so I found myself putting it off as long as possible, bleaching wasn’t really an option and given the way my hairs regrow on my legs after shaving, that was a definite no no. So I bought it and immediately thought oh no, that’s expensive and I bet it is a fail.

IPL works by sending a light pulse into the skin that heats up dark colored items, in this case the roots of my hairs. By damaging the skin roots it delays hair growth, ideally by up to 6 to 8 weeks. Hair that regrows does so finely similarly to when hair has been waxed. As it heats up dark items it is only suitable for medium light to fair skin. Used on a skin tone darker, it will heat up the skin, burning and damaging it.

I got the product,charged it as per instructions and used it in accordance with them. That required shaving the area, and using the light pulse only once on each area. I used a tinkle face razor (if you are in Germany, no need to buy these off Amazon, at DM you can get a similar razor by Ebelin). There are different attachments for the product, for face, body and bikini area, and different instruction on which setting to use for hair in which area. To be extra safe I had bought protective goggles (turns out you really don’t need these, despite Amazon’s information that other people who bought the item also bought goggles). The product only works i.e. it will only emit a light impulse if the “flash” area is completely flush with the skin, therefore you need not worry about getting light in your eyes.

I then carried out the procedure of doing the light impulses across the skin, being careful not to go over the same area twice. The results were disappointing, despite regular use the hair grew back just as quickly and as it had been shaved it was stubbly and more noticeable. It got to the level where I was willing to give it away. On the evening before giving it away I thought ok, let’s give this one last go. I cranked up the settings from 2 to 4 (out of 5). Did the light impulses and immediately after I noticed a err hair burning type smell I had never noticed before. The skin was not burnt, but the hair follicles were, as they should be. It turned out that I had not read the instructions properly and had been doing it wrong. It took 6 weeks for the hair to even start showing itself again and it was very fine. Lesson learnt, read the manual!

Now that I have gotten the product to work I am very pleased with it. It does what it should and I perceive this to be better for my skin than the routine tugging by way or effects of bleach. I redo the light only every 8 weeks. The Philips Lumea is only one brand of product that does this, others more common in the US include the Tria. If you can afford it and have medium light to fair skin, it can work for you really wonderfully. It is quick, painless and has long lasting results. Unfortunately using it on darker skin tones is very dangerous.