Similar to my post “My Hopes for Makeup Trends 2017” I want to outline my hopes for the skincare industry going forward into 2017.

Things I would like to see continue, or more of:

  1. Genuine disruptive, great value for money, effective skin care. Brands such as Deciem’s The Ordinary who give you proven effective skin care to combine yourself at a great price point, minus unnecessary filler ingredients.The brand “Mad Hippie” makes it even easier for the consumer by combining multiple actives in serums that act well together to serve a particular purpose, again minus any unnecessary filler ingredients.
  2. Better educated Consumers. I sense that as a whole consumers are getting better informed about what they put on their face. Great Bloggers are doing a fantastic job of educating as are some YouTubers by breaking information into easy digestible chunks.
  3. Tailored Skincare regimes. Putting together the products you need to gain optimum skin health such as hyaluronic acid (layered), chemical exfoliation and serums against free radicals are steps anyone regardless of age will benefit from.

Trends I hope never really catch on:

I guess I am a little late on this as it is already happening, but there are brands who benefit from better educated consumers (see above), but deliver them with the simple proven ingredients at grossly over inflated prices.A great Vitamin C serum does not need to cost 80 USD.

Trends I hope fade out:

  1. I am sick to death of the incessant miracle promises in the skincare industry. I am really well informed (I used to actually develop products), but I have an open mind and am willing to try out new expensive products, but I am well informed sceptical and critical whilst doing so. Not everyone has the money to burn or the educational background I have and the skincare industry is constantly ripping us off.This is then combined with over-hype by beauty influencers who do not have the skincare issues meant to be fixed by the over-hyped products, but hey, let’s hype them anyway.
  2. Parabens. Parabens are preservatives, they are the cheapest out there and they cause cancer. Five of them are banned in the EU, good for us. But elsewhere consumers are still being peddled parabens. Your markup between production to retail is around 75%. These producers can afford to use better ingredients.
  3. Silicone in everything. There is no need for silicone in a serum. It provides slip, but serums are to be absorbed, not to have silicone sitting on the skin. Silicone is of benefit in primers for those who need the smoothing effect. Do be aware though that silicone does help clog pores, so the smoothing effect it has on our bumps may just be the cause of them. Healthy, untreated hair, which is not subject to heat styling, like for example children’s hair, does not need silicone. My damaged hair does! If your hair doesn’t need silicone, all that will happen in time is that it builds up and you hair becomes dull needing more silicone to make it shiny again. Yup the hair becomes a silicone junkie. The reason why: it’s a cheap ingredient.

I look forward to reading other bloggers Skincare Hopes for 2017 over the next few weeks.