I found a very intriguing blush by Stila on Lookfantastic. The product description claimed stilathat the color of the blush would adjust based on the skin’s PH. The price was 24,45 Euros, pretty steep for only 5 grams, but I was intrigued. The product photo was this. A nice unobtrusive harmless blush (right):

What I got was this (below):


This may go down in history as one of the most misleading marketing product photos ever.

I have tested the product on a few skin shades and it does not stay the same color as in the pan, it morphs into a bright pink, which is nice, but nothing like what you would expect from the marketing photo. It’s also a bit unpredictable sometimes more neonish pink, sometimes more bright purple. This is not fun, it can totally clash with the makeup look, plus the ph thing, not so cool. Your PH is affected by the products below and so results on the same face can vary and morph a bit during wear. It does show up on all skin tones, but I’ve got to be straight with you. I own a cheap drugstore blush Luminoso by Milani, it shows up on pretty much all skin tones and looks predictably fabulous for less than a quarter of the price.

So sorry Stila, I’m not playing.