Everything goes in and out of fashion, sometimes, we can get an inkling that a trend may be on the “wrong side of fashion history”, sometimes we’re pretty sure the trend is timeless. Here are my thoughts on current and potential future beauty trends I would like to see either continue, grow or fade out.

Things I would like to see continue, or more of:

  1. More natural looking feather light transfer proof foundations. I have really appreciated the developments made in foundation over the last few years, it is now possible to have a great “your skin but better look” or even a camouflage effect whilst wearing an extremely light non-greasy base.
  2. Good contouring. I appreciate good contouring and wish to see this trend continue. Do well it can do amazing things for your face, I have seen whole double chins disappear through shade.
  3. I also appreciate really good liquid lipsticks, they are currently hugely popular and with better and better formulas I look forward to seeing more of them.

Trends I hope never really catch on:

  1. drapingDraping (contouring in blush), I was unfortunate enough to witness this in the 80’s the first time around. Believe me there is no value in it, wearers usually look like they have been slapped in the face. A trend that was on the wrong side of history then and remains there.
  2. Strobing (creating strong dimension through highlighting instead of shading). Highlighters are beautiful things, but it should hardly need mentioning that overdone the wearer will look either like a glitterball or a greaseball. Plus what’s the point of all that mattifying baking, and general matte full coverage foundation if the nose, the forehead and above the brow, all areas which would get oily during the day are highlit.

Trends I hope fade out:

  1. Instagram brows and Sharpie brows. Believe me in 10 years we will regret those photos.instabrows
  2. Baking, never in the history of woman has so much product been wasted in so little time. Baking looks great on camera. In real life it often does not. Even women in their 20’s have fine lines under the eyes, baking makes them worse. There is little value in spending a fortune on great moisturisers, only to have the moisture sucked out of them by a cake of powder. It photographs wonderfully, but does not always translate.

I look forward to reading other bloggers Beauty Hopes for 2017 over the next few weeks.