Happy Thursday everyone! Inline with our theme for this week I wanted to share a trial size set I have been enjoying that I think would make a great gift.

Many of you may be aware that Becca is not generally readily available in Europe, some products are, but at a pretty steep mark up. It only makes sense then, given the very personal nature of makeup shopping, for European shoppers to be prudent. So test type sets are really welcome and I have found a really good one.

beccaThe Becca Radiant Glow Collection is comprised of Under Eye Brightening Corrector (0,1 oz.) Moonstone Powder Highlighter (0,085 Oz) Liquid Highlighter in the Shade Opal (0,17 Oz) Beach Tint Lip  Shimmer in Raspberry / Opal (0,08 Oz). This set suits medium to light skin tones and retails in Germany at 31,67 Euros. This is a hefty price for little product and most likely retails for less in your local country.

Despite the hefty price I paid for this set (over 30 Euros via Amazon), I think it is worth it for the following reasons: The eye brightening corrector is the best I have tested so far for for under eye dark circle camouflage. The small amount of product offered will last a very long time. As with all camouflage products, you do need to let it set for a short time before applying other products above, then you will see the best coverage.

The powder moonstone highlighter is legendary. Let’s be honest, what is the likelihood of hitting pan on any highlighter? Very slim, so the small amount of product is no real issue here. The liquid highlighter in Opal, is best applied using the finger followed by a stippling brush, a step I am a bit too lazy for, but the shade Opal make this suitable for your more medium and darker medium skin tones (whereas moonstone might be a bit too light).

The Lip Gloss applies in multiple shades, it can be used for an ombre effect or can be blended. It has a raspberry aroma, inline with it’s name and s very enjoyable and natural looking, either as a lip tint or a balm depending on how you blend it.

I live in Germany and here this set would count as something exclusive with exquisite products. This may vary depending on the reputation the brand has in your country and the price point. Regardless of this, for light to medium skin tones the set is well put together. Provided the giftees skin tone is within this range, they will have joy with at least 3 out of the 4 products in the set. I am super pleased with it and hope many others enjoy the set too.