If you still have some Christmas shopping to do for a beauty nut (potentially yourself) I have a recommendation for you.

Liquid Lipsticks can be difficult for anyone who has not got the fullest lips and then they also need to be wrinkle free to get the best look. Many liquid lipsticks even create wrinkles where there are none! Nobody wants to put a lipstick on in a glorious shade to have it dry and have a dog butt on your face. Yes that’s a bit graphic. If you have experienced that, or have a friend or family member there is a brand where I guarantee you “no dog butt lips”.That brand is TheBalm.

Fairly recently TheBalm launched a liquid lipstick line called Meet Matt(e) Hughes (by now a rather predictable product title from them). These liquid lipsticks go on smoothly, dry smoothly and do not bunch, crack or crumble. They wear beautifully and fade.You will not have full color all day, I have not had them survive any greasy meal, but they fade in a very pleasing and unobvious way and last between 4 to 6 hours. Plus the shade range is great. They have a slight minty taste, so if you hate that, maybe they are not for you, but it is only slight.

Moreover, they flatter anyone’s lips! No wrinkling, no scrunching.

Perfect for Christmas they have a small set of six shades in retail. I bought mine already a few weeks ago and it speaks for itself that I have not passed a single one on and finding a red that suits me is something to be celebrated!


The set retails at 29 USD, 19.99 GBP or 29 Euros.