Christmas is the perfect opportunity for a high-end luxury skincare splurge. When you think of luxury, the first two brands that will come to most people’s minds are La Prairie or La Mer, indeed many may already have them on their wish lists. I have used products from both lines and would like to share my experience with them to help you decide which product might delight the recipient (which may of course be you).

I have used La Prairie Complexe Anti-Age, La Mer Crème de la Mer and The Moisturizing Soft Cream. I have also used a few serums and eye creams from both brands.

Both brands proclaim to be miracle workers. The marketing game is strong. However, if the reality were as awesome as the marketing, no one using either brand would ever get fillers, botox, micro needling, acid peels and facelifts. So, I am not going to waste a single line here writing about the alleged benefits of miracle broth, caviar and the rest. Instead I’ll focus on my user experience.

lamermoisturizingsoftcreamOf the three creams above, the first I tried was La Mer’s The Moisturizing Soft Cream. Within days I got comments asking if I were using different makeup as my skin seemed more luminous and I looked healthier. The cream absorbs very readily and leaves no uncomfortable residue. The scent is light and quite pleasant. I also used the Regenerating Serum and that absorbed well.  Over time the luminous effect seemed to lessen (or I got used to it) and so the search continued.

laprairieThe next cream I tried was the  La Prairie Complexe Anti-Age. The packaging was gorgeous, the first step to getting suckered in 😉 I got the product in August and I have not used it very often for two reasons. Firstly the scent is very strong (as it is with all La Prairie products), also the cream did not absorb well, sitting on the skin with an almost mattifying effect, when then over the day became greasier as it absorbed sebum from the skin. This is the exact opposite of what I expect from a moisturizer. The serums are better and readily absorb. But the combination of serums with the cream on top is not ideal. During use I developed a cold, and I found that applying the cream gave a burning sensation on the slightly irritated skin around my nose.

cremedelamerThe third cream I tried was La Mer’s classic Crème de la Mer. This is a very oily cream you are required to warm up in your fingers before applying, once on it takes quite some time to absorb so use sparingly. My skin is normal/dry, so I was looking to this to help for the winter. I also had a cold once while using this and applied on slightly irritated skin around the nose it was calming. The scent is relatively light  and pleasant to my nose. Apart from protection in the Winter I also use this over all types of serums, serums which might not always generally play well with moisturizers (such as Vitamin C) and this cream works well with all. I would recommend this cream for normal and dry skin.

From the above you can deduce that from me it’s thumbs up to La Mer and a bit of a thumbs down to La Prairie. La Prairie has got gorgeous packaging, but the products do not suit all skins you have to make sure you get the right one, that makes it more risky as a gift. Plus the scents really are not going to be for everyone, they are very strong, and as my example with the skin when I had the cold shows, can also be irritating. The La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream is suitable for all skin types,  so more likely to be a good gift. I hope they step up their packaging game as it’s rather basic for the luxury it is supposed to portray. The classic Crème de la Mer  will make people happy who layer serums or suffer from dry skin.

Happy Shopping!