Happy Saturday! Here’s a little insight into what is currently helping keep my severely damaged hair look super healthy and shiny. It’s a fine balance to keep between having conditioning, rebuilding whilst preventing product build up. Here are the products that help me in that.

During the week: my standard shampoo and conditioner are by Tigi Bed Head. I find their tigi“urban anti+dotes resurrection”  @ level 3 do a really good job of just keeping up basic condition the week. Tigi claims these products are for “weak brittle hair that needs intervention” and that “great results may cause your hair’s ego to inflate to astronomical proportions!”. Now, I’m generally critical of misleading marketing jargon, but this one I really dig. I much prefer fun hyperbole to misleading subtleties.

I picked this combo up at my local TK Maxx, for a total of 25 Euros, which really is fantastic value for money as the condition alone is 750ml (25.36 Fl Oz) and the shampoo is 250ml (8.45 Fl Oz), so a lot of product for the money. It is also widely available for example at Ulta, Amazon etc.. There are good deals on bundles which are definitely worth picking up. The same range also has a hair masks which I am sure to try out. Plus the scent is really nice. These products are really good for pretty darn damaged hair, but my damage is to the next level which is why….

moaInnosys MOA Melaleuca Omega 3 Argan & Keratin Hair Treatment Mask is a godsend.  The packaging is totally uninspiring, you get no idea how fantastic the product is. On days I am not using Tigi (pretty much every third wash), I wash my hair with Edward Beal Anti-Brass + Gloss Argan Oil Shampoo ( I have blond hair) and then apply the hair mask and let it sit for only 3 minutes. Following that my hair will need nothing else.

The MOA hair mask helps rebuild the damage with keratin and of course the Argan oil along with the other oils it contains including avocado, linseed, tea tree and aloe help condition. I was lucky enough to pick it up again pretty cheaply. I can find the product line of the manufacturers website, but this product appears to have been discontinued. The only location I could find it selling is the TK Maxx UK website for just under 8 GBP. So if you are in the UK and have damaged hair, grabbing this might be a one-off opportunity.

I continue to use Olaplex once per week to rebuild the broken bonds in my hair and “Damaged” hot oil treatment by Lush.

All in all, this combination of products along with only using only cool air with a silk serum spray to style my hair with my Rowenta Hot Air Brush (with Tourmalin and Keratin coating) makes my hair look super healthy, only I and you reading this know the truth 😉

alterna-repair-fill_fix_treatment_masqueOne product that was super expensive and just didn’t have the power it professed, was Alterna’s Caviar Repair Fill & Fix Treatment Masque. It cost me 52,95 Euros and due to the price point I was very disappointed. It may be good for dry and slightly damaged hair, but for hair that has been colored more than once or permed hair this is not powerful enough.