Today I got the craziest eye-shadow I have ever encountered. A new magnetized metallic eye-shadow by MAC called Spellbinder has just recently released. I had seen some previews and was intrigued.

When you touch the product, it doesn’t feel like makeup, it feels like velvet. Then when you swatch it with the finger it is just terrible, however if you swatch it with a brush it comes out beautiful, almost like liquid metal. So it behaves the exact opposite of what you would expect, as usually finger swatches are way more intense than brush swatches.The product is like nothing I have ever seen before, it is a pigment that holds itself together, as the particles are magnetized.

When you apply it to the eye you do need to be careful not to pick up too much on the brush as the particles stick to each other. Here the norm is the opposite of the usual norm. When applied, there is zero fallout, the particles stick to where put. Blending works well. The staying power will be tested via attending a party, but I have high hopes.

I bought the shades Blue Karma, which is a nice teal, and Aphrodisiatic which looks a bit purple in the pan, but is a cobalt blue. Each of them retail at 24,50 Euro or 22 USD. The line comes in 8 shades. I’m hungry for more.