Microneedling is the process of creating minute puncture wounds in the skin using very very small needles. The skin then rushes to repair itself creating the production of elastin and collagen, which is why it is also referred to as collagen induction therapy. It is effective in improving small lines and acne scarring. Done professionally it is done with a derma pen alone, or is combined with fractionated radio frequency therapy.The radio frequencies strengthen the effect of the needles by damaging the cells around the needles once they penetrate. The damage caused by this means that it can take up to two days before the skin is normalized.


The skin takes between 60 to 90 days to produce collagen, so the results of that are not immediately visible. The epi pen etc.. are further developments of the derma roller. The derma roller is a roller with little needles on it that gets rolled over the skin, thereby creating the minute puncture wounds. They typically do not go as deep as the derma pen. This can be done at home. Dermarolling is also effective, though the results not quite as dramatic.

I discovered dermarolling through Nisha who has the YouTube channel SugarPuffandFluff. She has some wonderful informative videos, so I recommend you check out her channel.


I dermaroll once per week and I have also recommended that others try it out. Apart from triggering collagen production, the results of which are not immediately visible I do get some immediately visible improvements. As the skin is more “open” it soaks up my skincare products far better and my skin is better hydrated as a result, also the micro-damage and the skins attempts to repair them mean that my pores are visibly shrunken.

The first two times I rolled, each time I had two minor spots of blood on my face. This is nothing to write home about it little is a tiny drop from a wound so small that if you wipe it it is gone. The first two times I did it I felt minor discomfort from the prickly roller, but since then I feel no discomfort at all, I seem to be used to it. I did not need any numbing cream and I don’t think anyone would. I disinfect my rollers and my skin prior to usage and the rollers post usage and store them securely. Good rollers can be found for around 10 USD/10 Euro, but do make sure that they are of surgical steel and do invest in a proper disinfectant. I use two rollers, one of 0,5 mm and one of 1 mm. I also own a roller of 1,5 mm, but I don’t actually find that it penetrates the skin any further than the 1 mm roller.

So far I am pleased with the results. I will keep this up and see if there are further improvements a few months down the line.