Every now and again you encounter a few products that just don’t work for you. They may work for others, but I think is especially important when a product has been an outright fail to let others know about it. Cosmetics are expensive items and consumers with a valid voice need to be heard above the marketing din. Everyone only has limited resources, so let’s spend our resources on things that work better. Here are my disappointments from October and November:

  1. Benefit They’re Real Push up Liner. This is one of the greatest product fails I havebenefitpushupliner encountered and the marketing claims are just unbelievable given how the product performs. On the packet it states 88% of users (based on 19 panelists) said it hugged the lash line. I am wondering if these people were drunk.The product is a gel liner in a tube. You twist the base and the liner is pushed up, at the tip there is a silicon type of envelope tip with a slant ( a bit like an injection syringe). Here my 3 complaints: the design in itself with product coming out of a silicon tip that has edges guarantees that it is not deposited close to the lashes, the gel comes out straight up, but the tip is slanted, meaning that there is consistently too much product on one side of the tip, the product is very dry and skips . It cost me 26 Euros, I have never been so annoyed with a manufacturer. Usually marketing is just exaggeration of positive traits, in this case, it’s outright lies.
  2.  Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3 Step Kit. I wrote about this in my recent post about A Short Foray into Korean Skincare. It removed nothing from my nose pores, seemingly my pores are very clear, but more worrying I had others test it whose noses quite obviously had blocked pores and it removed nothing from theirs either. 
  3. Maybelline Super Stay 24hr Color Liquid Lipstick in the shade “non stop pink”. This applied incredibly streaky and it stayed less than 4 hours. Marketing was very optimistic here.
  4. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. The Marketing claims that this mascara will lift an curl your lashes and states that 87% of their panel users (31 women) said it did that. It did it for me too during the test at the store. However, at the test in the store I was already wearing Too Faced mascara and the Benefit mascara being applied on top did lift and curl the lashes, but having paid the hard earned cash for it and having taken it home, it fell short of expectations. Using it by itself it did the lovely lift and curl thing, but almost as soon as it was dry the curl was gone. Yes, I used the correct rolling technique.

So there you go. If you use these products and have managed  to make them work for you, do let me know. I would love to have them work for me too. 🙂