dsc_0015-1I recently picked up this rather interesting 3 pronged eye lining device by Too Faced. The idea behind having the 3 prongs is that you dot it on your lash line, so that your eyeliners is literally in your lash line and you have no gaps. Through dotting, the dots join up to one very thin line of eyeliner. You can then use it on your water line to tight line and do your final eyeliner with it.

Seems a bit gimmicky huh? but I guess if you are planning an elegant liner and maybe need the line to be as close to your lashes as possible without building up product as you want to wear falsies, this kind of makes sense, so I tested it.



Here I have dotted along the lash line, this already almost looks like a thin complete line.


Then I drew a thin line above the eyelashes. I have to admit I really liked the effect. dsc_0033This will come in really useful for wearing falsies, but also for an elegant barely there eyeliner.

The product comes as a thin, very pigmented, matte liquid, with good coverage. The delivery is very smooth, no unexpected product deposits, very easy to handle.

I was lucky and picked this up for 6 Euros at TK Maxx, it usually retails at 19,80 USD or if you are in Europe and totally nuts, there’s one selling for 39 Euros on Amazon.

If you are generally struggling with eyeliner, I would really recommend this product to you. For European shoppers, it’s worth adding it to your cart online at Sephora in order to get a reasonable price.