Happy Saturday! As you may know, I have pretty badly damaged hair and am constantly looking for products that will make it manageable and make it feel like hair rather than plastic.

damaged_I bought this Lush’s Damaged Hot Oil Treatment quite a few weeks ago, but I was skeptical, so it took me quite a while to try it out. With the level of damage I have, I am looking for rebuilding and not just hot oils for conditioning, but this product as it turns out is a little special.

The product consists of following oils: olive, almond & avocado with vanilla, sodium bicarbonate and emulsifiers.

How to use: get your little stick of oils and stand it in a small container, such as a cup or even an empty lush pot and pour boiling water over it and stir the product around, as it is on a stick this is pretty simple. Quickly a thick paste will develop. Depending on the length of your hair there is no need to dissolve the entire product. I gauge that I can get at least of 2,5 uses out of what is on the stick (chin length hair). The consistency that developed for me was like a thick lotion, which didn’t even feel particularly oily, making it really easy to apply. So you apply it all all over your hair and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then you rinse it off. Many users have complained that it is difficult to rinse out, well oil would be. I lathered up a mild shampoo into it and it rinsed out very easily.

The verdict: It left my hair well conditioned and feeling like hair again. The comb glided through it easily whilst wet. To put it even more to the test I blow dried my hair on cool with no protective product. It left a great shine and it feels silky and in great condition. So a huge thumbs up for damaged hair! “Damaged” retails at 9,95 Euros, 10,95 USd a good price for a deep conditioner with at least 2 uses. Happy me: