Up here in the northern hemisphere the sun has gone on vacation. For people of palor (that would be me) now is the time to grab that bronzer.

Pale people need a bronzer that bronzes and we are at a higher risk than most of looking like an oompa loompa if we get it wrong. Here is my personal ranking of all the bronzers I have for a daytime natural look.

physiciansformulabutterbronzer#1 Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer. Price for EU, 27.29 Euro via Amazon.  USD 14.95 for 11 grams. This bronzer gets the tone just right, no orange, a light silky sheen (not glitter) given a very subtle glow erring more towards matte. Don’t opt for the shade light, that won’t show up enough, the normal basic shade is just right. It stays on all day.It won the Women’s Health 2016 Beauty Award and I congratulate the jury on this one. It smells a bit like a Pina Colada, so if you don’t like the sound of that go for my #2.

#2 Too Faced Soulmates Blushing Bronzer Ross & Rachel. Price 12 Euros for me from toofacedrossrachelTK/TJ Maxx! For EU 26.79 Euro via Amazon, 30,60 USD for 18 grams. I love this bronzer which I believe consists of Too Faced Chocolate Soleil with a blush thrown in. The size of the item means that your brush will not touch the blush if you don’t want it to, plus you get two products in one, both are long-wearing. Again a silky sheen (no glitter), great natural color. Some may prefer to get Chocolate Soleil alone, but for me (and other Europeans) getting that via Amazon would be upwards of 40 Euros. I get a much better deal with the two in one. Both products are longwearing and smell of chocolate (there’s real cocoa powder in them). They also got the tone just right. This would be my number one except not everyone wants 2 items in one.

guerlain-terracotta-terracotta_4_seasons#3 Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons in the shade Natural Brunette 03. Price 65,95 Euros, 76 USD for 10 grams. This is the most versatile bronzer I have. You can mix the shades according to the season you are in based on how deep your own skin tans. This also means you can use it on your friends. The finish is matte. It’s long-wearing and seemingly unscented. This stuff is expensive, but given it’s versatility this may be worth it for you. A little goes a long way.

cargo-medium_bronzer_#4 Cargo Cosmetics Bronzer Medium. Price 29 USD for 8.9 grams. I got this in a starter complexion kit (containing bronzer, concealer and eye-liner) at TK Maxx (TJ Maxx for our US reads) for 14 Euros. There are a lot of these kits going around in Germany, so grab this, it is a bargain, it is a great product. It has a silky translucent sheen and will be my favorite for holiday parties. The tone looks slightly orange in the pan, but there is no sign of that on the skin. #bestbargain. #greatdeal


#5 Benefit Hoola. Price 33 Euro, 29 USD for 8 grams. Hoola is a cult classic. It a great bronzer, good tone, matte finish, slightly chemically smell, good staying power. You either love or hate the packaging. It was my first bronzer that had the right tone, unfortunately I have gone off it a little due to the smell and having found better alternative, still a great product though.

wetwild#6 Wet n Wild Coloricon Ticket to Brazil (or Bikini Contest), Price 7.79 Euro, 3.99 USD for 13 grams. How do they do it? This stuff is awesome. It has a shimmery finish goes on really well and stays on pretty long. The smell is faint and slightly medicated. This is an amazing deal and now that I have picked it up, I am not sure if it beats my Cargo or not. What a stunner! #mikedrop

All the above are great bronzers for lighter skin tones, none of them are orangey, all hold up well and give a natural glow. And now the a catastrophic high end fail:


WTH La Prairie!

La Prairie Cellular Treatment Bronzer, Price 55 Euro, 65 USD for 13,5 grams. I would love to say I was drunk when I bought this. I was duped by the salesperson who had already convinced me to spend ridiculous amounts on face cream as she assured me she was wearing this herself. This peeps, is the stuff of the high end oompa loompa. As beautiful and luxury as it is, don’t do it! Step away from the counter!