Happy Sunday! Yesterday I discovered the savior for my hair – yes I really am that hyped!

I have fine hair, which is colored and in such poor condition that should I just wash it, I could not let it dry by itself as I would not be able to comb it. The structure is just plastic. I have used all the general commercially known deep conditioners including oils etc, and whilst one in particular (Tigi) did make things better, the general structure of the hair did not improve and it was evident that I would not be able to grow my hair whilst maintaining the awesome color. That is until yesterday.

My hairdresser has started using Olaplex. Olaplex’s product repair the hair by rebuilding disulfide bonds. These are the bonds between the keratin proteins in your hair. These bonds are deliberately destroyed when you get for example a perm, the bonds are split and then reset to make your straight hair curly. The bonds being reset takes time which is also why you are not supposed to wash your hair immediately after a perm. The bonds also get damaged by heat, coloring and bleach.

In the Salon this is applied as a two step process, and for kicks and giggles here’s a pic of 15025118_1838531102830202_2486518495563421317_ome getting phase one done and joking that there’s a crocodile moat around my neck. The first phase can be carried out during coloration, with the second phase being done once complete. The process can also be done with the two steps one after the other.

Phase 3 is a take home product, which you can buy online. For my German readers, you can get it from Douglas online, in the US from the Olaplex website. The take home product (Phase 3) is to be used once per week to continue to protect the hair. Yeah and of course the first thing I did when I got home from the hairdressers is buy it 😀

The cost of the salon treatment was around 30 Euros. When you are spending a lot of fantastic color and cut, the Olaplex treatment certainly is the lesser expense.

My hair is completely different since yesterday, it seems to have turned from what was plastic back into hair. I can only hope the effect remains. It’s shiny, silky and soft exactly the way anyone would want their hair to be. As master of bad selfies Here’s me when it was just done, excited would be an understatement: olaplex