Isn’t it booootiful! Having crossed the age of 40, I am in the market for anything that helps lorwith the fine lines and certainly for anything that tightens the skin. I heard of Guerlain L’Or, like so many others from YouTube. I watched a first impressions by Tati which appears to show her skin being lifted by the product. That was it, that was all I needed to know, off shopping I was.

The product retails at 74 USD @ Sephora, I got it for 54 Euros on Amazon (around 58 USD), not that surprising as I am in Europe, this is a European brand so I would expect it to be better priced over here. But the gap is pretty large for US customers, so I thought it worthwhile to give you my take on it.

First impressions, the product is very pretty and comes out of the pump as a very fluid gel. You can see very few gold specks per pump. The scent is (to my nose) a very pleasant floral. It glides on very smoothly and instantly melts on skin contact. So putting it on is enjoyable.

Once on my face looks slightly more radiant than usual, and every now and there there is a gold speck on it. Some of the specks are really quite large, possibly this is not intended. The product is hydrating. Now, did it do anything for fine lines and did I feel or see any kind of tightening feel? No, none whatsoever.  I do not know why not. Maybe what people are feeling as tightening is the standard feeling you get when a gel product dries, that always feels tightening. Maybe I did not feel anything because my skin is well hydrated. Tati and Jaclyn Hill both described it as tightening and it is described as such on the Sephora website. Maybe though, they all don’t need tightening, I do. I think it’s a good idea to test these products on people who actually have something that needs tightening (no shade intended, but Tati and Jaclyn are both gorgeous and if my face were like theirs I wouldn’t be needing to buy L’Or.

How does it perform? When applying my foundation I find that I actually need slightly more product. This will be because it is not a silicon product and is not providing a barrier to the skin in that way.

With regards to getting my make up to last better, I would say yes, compared to applying foundation directly over moisturizer, but not really better than over a more silicony primer.

My goodness, this all reads pretty negative, but at the end of the day. I love the product! It just feels nice on the skin, I enjoy the application, I enjoy the scent, I enjoy the hydration.

So no, it is not worth the hype. But it is a really nice primer for dry skin. I am enjoying this bottle and may even repurchase.