Happy Thursday everyone,

I am a makeup junkie and you can never have enough highlighters 😉 With the holidays coming up, I spotted this beautiful art work.  This my fellow glow pros is the Dior Nude Air Luminizer in “Skyline” and retails at 53,99 Euros. It is the most beautiful highlighter I have ever seen, and has received awesome online reviews, and then I swatched it. 

diorskylineIt would not pick up on a brush, (kind of unfortunate for a highlighter), I had to dig my fingers in to get any pigment and had to apply it on my face with my fingers like you would a poor quality glitter eye shadow. The salesperson was as shocked as I was. Sitting on the face due to the application, it sat, like a beautiful golden stripe. When I blended it out it just dissipated into a puff of glitter. Now I get that this is for the holidays, so I get that it might be sparkly. But, in the pan it gives you no hint of how glittery it is, sitting in the pan you would think that this just has an amazing sheen. It didn’t, it was all glitter and with the slightest of blending, that’s all there was, no highlight, just a faint glitter trail.

I am so glad I went into the store to buy it. As a junkie I would have ordered it online but was near my local store so went in. For that price point I am looking for real sheen and glow, if I want glitter I can go with drugstore.

Fellow glow pros be warned.