*disclaimer: the below is lighthearted, enjoy!

Well, the world knows it, Mr Trump has gotten himself elected to be President. We all have to trust that he will have the best advisors in place to help him fulfil this office. Seemingly to date he may not have had the best beauty advisors. Let’s fill that gap and help him create a more presidential visual.

Mr Trump in 1988, Ash blond hair & natural tan skin:


Mr Trump in 2016, yellow blond hair (dye), orange tan:

Donald Trump

Now trying not to state the obvious; yes dying gray hair can result in tones that can seem a little brassy and unnatural, an ashier tone would look more natural and be more in line with his natural tones. A purple/blue color correcting shampoo should be able to help that. I use them myself. Revlon makes a good one, if he would like to go upbeat there’s Lush Daddy O Violet Shampoo, pretty aptly named for the potential user.

That tan shade needs more attention. If little girls participating in beauty pageants can get their spray tan right, then there must be help in hand for POTUS. I’d suggest letting the orange fade and even trying bronzing powder. Nice matt or slightly shimmery cooler tone bronzing powder for lighter skin shades include Guerlain 4 Seasons , Too Faced Chocolate Soleil , The Body Shop Honey Bronze and Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer.

As Potus, this individual will be more in the public eye than most. So any immediately evident cosmetic procedures would be quickly noticed. Maybe not go there, we all get older, but we all want to look fresh and healthy. To help with elasticity of the skin I might suggest microneedling. It’s good enough for Kim Kardashian and it’s good enough for me, maybe it’s good enough for POTUS. There is no down time involved in microneedling. Yes, you get red in the face, but hey that can be explained by having had a good session at the gym. 🙂

Microneedling is collagen induction therapy, its way of working involves causing micro damage to the skin, triggering the skin’s own repair functions thereby generating more collagen and improving the elasticity of the skin. It also improves pore size and has an immediate effect. I will do a detailed post on that in the next few weeks. There is no scarring or scabs, just a flush to the skin.

Glycolic or Lactic acid face peels would help with cell turnover, this also improves skin firmness. Drunk Elephant makes a great glycolic acid night serum.

Finally Botox; expertly used can be imperceptible. Badly applied could hamper the person’s ability to speak. We’ll find out if that’s a good or bad thing 😉

Good Luck Mr President, I shall be watching you to see if you are trying out my advice.