OK, I shouldn’t have done it. Being cool toned, I really didn’t really need that Mario palette, but I had to have it. Then I had the feeling I may have seen something like this before…


Now for shoppers in Europe this is great news. The Mario palette is not easily available to us, yet the Cargo palette which already came out in 2013 is easily available via Amazon for only 12 Euros. Not cool though if you are stateside, looking to save some bucks and looking for the Cargo palette. There, it is very very hard to come by and you would be better grabbing Mario’s gem.

Both palette’s have great formula, super buttery, super pigmented, with the Mario being slightly more so, with slightly deeper colors. Depending on your skills this can be good or bad. I am heavy handed, so I have to really try and use a light hand with the Mario, regarding application, the Cargo suits me better.

All in all the similarities between these two palettes is great news for make-up junkies in Europe and Stateside – we can all get a great palette and create similar fantastic looks.

If you have not yet heard of the Cargo palette and would like a second opinion from someone who knows their stuff, Here’s Tati XOX