I first came across “The Ordinary” in a You Tube Video by Wayne Goss.

At the time I was already full into the swing of researching retinol, micro-needling, hyularonic acid, AHA’s, niacinimide, petides etc.. I had already spent hundreds of Euros on well researched best-performing products. Fortunately I had not already spent thousands.

Deciem, owner of the brand has set itself a goal of disrupting the beauty industry. In The Ordinary they are offering known effective key ingredients at an astoundingly affordable price. Products I have tested include 2% Retinol, A Peptide complex, cold-pressed Rosehip oil, 10% Niacinimide with 1% Zinc, 10& Lactic Acid with 2% Hyularonic Acid, A stable suspension of 23% Vitamin C with 2% HA, 2% Hyularonic Acid + B5. The most expensive of these was the Retinol, cost 8 GBP! for 30ml. I have also recommended the Ordinary products to colleagues of mine, due to the low price, even if they did not like them, they would not be losing a lot of money. So far everyone has been blown away, by the effectiveness which is completely out of proportion to their price in the most unexpected way.

As a cost comparison, some of the retinol products I own, which are all highly effective!

Lancaster Total Age Correction Retinol Oil: 62,95 Euros for 30ml

The Ordinary 2% Retinol: 8,96 Euros for 30ml

La Roche Posay Redermic R: 21,99 Euros for 30ml

I obtained the products shipped (very cheaply) from UK to Germany from Victoria Health

I can only recommend that anyone try them – you have very little to lose!

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