In the name of personal research I endeavored to try out as many Korean skincare products I could get my hands on in September and October. Brands I visited with include Mizon, Etude House, Elizavecca, Tony Moly & Holika Holika.


Of course You Tube was a big influence in this. Interested in all things international, I had gained a sense that skincare is super important in Korea. Western cosmetic companies taking over some of the initiatives of Korean companies such as the cushion foundation demonstrate that they are onto something good. But, I was also a bit held back by the cute packaging. Something I usually interpret as a marketing gimmick often used globally to dress up a poor product. There was no way around it. I had to find out my own way.

First up were two serum’s by Mizon. Their Hyularonic Acid 100 (HA) and their Peptide 500 Ampoule.Both come in 30ml bottles, with good quality droppers. The HA also contains Adenosine, effective in improving skin elasticity and some other ingredients. What is enjoyable in the product is that it absorbs super fast, leaving no residue. It does need to be topped with other products, such as a moisturizer in order to help retain moisture in the skin. It works, very very well. I can’t not give testament to any firming effect. This is after all no clinical trial, but I was very elapsed with the product and continue to use it. Plus, the price point was good. I paid 18 Euros for it on Amazon, it would have cost 54 Euros in local retail (owch).

The Peptide 500 Ampoule also performed very well and has a very fluid consistency. I layered it on top of the HA and both were absorbed with no residue. The price point is comparable to the HA. Both products are unscented, which is also a plus. This serum combination also sat well with every moisturizer I tried on top. No bobbling or flaking. All in all, great job Mizon!

Now on to the real fun. Korean face masks!  Could you resists a Bubble Tea Night face bubbleteamask? Nope, I couldn’t either. As adorable as it is, unfortunately this product by Etude House was a fail for me. I couldn’t get comfortable with the sticky texture, the scent was very nice though.

The Etude House Moistful Collagen Sheet Masks were awesome! You get a sheet mask that you leave on, I believe for up to 20 minutes and you massage in the moisture that is left over on your skin. Great hydration, lightweight, great feeling soft skin.

On to Elizavecca, best know for its carbonated clay mask involving a lot of cute imagery of piggy’s. Unfortunately I did not try that one, clearing out the pores is less of a focus here, what we want is hydration. So we went with the Kangsi Pack & the Gold CF Nest Collagen Jella Pack Mask. Now these masks are something different. The Kangsi Pack contains gold extract and goes on yellow, drying white and needing washing off after 20 minutes. The CF contains extract from swiftlets nest. Fun fact:bird’s nest soup is made of swiftlets nests containing their dried saliva (eeewww), highly prized due to their alleged high nutritional value (yup, learnt that vacationing in Bali). Anyhoo, that mask dries to a gel and gets peeled off. Neither of these masks provided the additional hydration my 40 something skin needs, but I reckon a 20 year old would find them great.

Then I went full on “You Tube made me buy it” and went with the Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Black Head 3 Step Kit. As the name says this is a 3 step kit designed to draw all the nasties out of your nose pores. The whole process takes around 40 minutes. Now it was fun, but either I have nothing in my nose pores, or it doesn’t work. I am strongly going with my pores being clear, because the whole of You Tube is hauling enough sebum to keep a McDonalds frying for a year (eeewww). Proof! Viidreamcatcher does Holika. Obviously for scientific purposes, I have gotten some younger work colleagues to test it and I shall report back.


Last up, this Tony Moly bunny made his way into my shopping bag. A hydrating spray for dry skin with peach scent. He was just to darn cute to pass up. As the weather turned really fast from hot to cold as the seasons changed I did not really get a chance to try this guy out very much.

TBH I don’t actually care if the product is good or not.This guy is my buddy and I have called him Ben ❤

Hope you enjoyed this little sojourn. Stay curious!

Good sources for Korean Products: Amazon  – in Germany: TK Maxx regularly has good brands on their shelves too.